Exploring the Versatility of Cybersecurity with Sans Instructor Jason Ostrom
Security UnfilteredAugust 28, 2023
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Exploring the Versatility of Cybersecurity with Sans Instructor Jason Ostrom

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Just as a river takes unexpected turns, so too does a career journey. Our special guest, Jason Ostrom, began with an eye towards federal law enforcement but found himself swept away into the world of Linux and security engineering for startups. A chance encounter with a mentor opened the door towards a career in cybersecurity, and the creation of a game changing pen test tool. Discover the story behind his first presentation at a hacker conference and how the early days of parenthood influenced his journey.

Ever wonder why a broad skill-set trumps specialization in cybersecurity? Jason breaks it down, emphasizing why IT experience, soft skills, and understanding the business context for executing vulnerabilities can make or break your success in this industry. Whether you're on cloud nine or keeping it grounded with on-prem projects, Jason explains why adaptability is crucial and how to keep your skills sharp and marketable.

Lastly, Jason demystifies the process of presenting at cybersecurity conferences and how to become a SANS instructor. The desire to teach or earn a SANS certification burns in many, but the path can seem obscured by smoke. Jason clears the air, providing a transparent look into the pros and cons of this career move. If you're fascinated by the world of pen testing, this episode will shed light on the various types and the importance of gaining broad experience before selecting a specialty. Buckle up, this ride with Jason is not one to be missed.

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