From Physics to Platform Engineering: Revolutionizing DevOps and Tackling Cloud Security
Security UnfilteredMarch 04, 2024
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From Physics to Platform Engineering: Revolutionizing DevOps and Tackling Cloud Security

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Embark on a journey through the labyrinth of cloud security with us as we welcome Corey O’Daniel, whose unexpected path from physics to DevOps offers a fresh perspective on the industry's complexities. The tech world is brimming with new products, leaving security professionals wrestling with integration and management within their existing security stacks. Corey O’Daniel and I discuss the evolution of the cloud, sharing our thoughts on streamlining services to lighten the load on developers. Our conversation spans the importance of simplifying cloud services, making them user-friendly and secure by default, and the need to encourage developers to weave security into their plethora of responsibilities.
 The second leg of our adventure with Corey O’Daniel unveils his serendipitous foray into technology, from data entry automation to HIPAA compliance sage. He sheds light on the acute talent gap in operations and security, a challenge that spurred the creation of his brainchild, Asdriver. We dissect the trials of scaling startups, the high turnover in tech roles, and the insatiable need for skilled professionals in this era of cloud migration. This dialogue isn't just about the challenges – it's a treasure trove of valuable insights for anyone navigating the startup landscape or considering a career pivot into the tech scene.
 Finally, we tackle the buzzword-infused terrain of the DevOps industry and the elusive quest for authentic DevOps practices. Platform engineering emerges as a beacon of hope, aiming to equip developers with self-service cloud infrastructure tools, and we illuminate how Corey O’Daniel's latest venture, MassDriver, is set to revolutionize the DevOps space. By blending architectural thinking with software design, Corey O’Daniel is on a mission to demystify CI pipelines and empower developers. Tune in for an episode that's not just an exchange of expertise but a wellspring of innovative solutions for the tech industry's rapid evolution.

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