Taking a Tech Memory Lane Walk with Trey Guinn from Cloudflare
Security UnfilteredNovember 06, 2023
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Taking a Tech Memory Lane Walk with Trey Guinn from Cloudflare

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Are you ready to have your technological horizons broadened? We've got Trey Guinn, an expert from Cloudflare, here to give you a grand tour of his tech journey. He'll take you from his humble beginnings building computers at the mall, through his time working in data centers in New Zealand, all the way to his current position at Cloudflare, a globally trusted Web Application Firewall solution provider. 
 Do you ever feel like you're running to catch up with the rapid pace of technology? Trey shares his insights on everything from the rise of Linux to the development of TCP IP for Windows NT. He offers an insider's perspective on keeping up with the latest tech trends, emphasizing the importance of curiosity and a genuine desire to understand how things work. If you've ever wondered about the different approaches to problem-solving across cultures, Trey's experiences in Amsterdam and New Jersey will be an eye-opening exploration of diverse tech landscapes.
 Got questions about anycast networks and DDoS attacks? Trey's got answers. He breaks down how companies like Cloudflare utilize cutting-edge technologies to protect against large scale DDoS attacks. This episode doesn't just stop at the technical aspects of the matter, but also provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of Cloudflare's services over the past decade. So, whether you're a tech enthusiast or a professional, this conversation with Trey is sure to leave you with valuable insights and a richer understanding of the technological world. So join us, and let's take a fascinating walk down the tech memory lane with Trey Guinn!

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