Steve's Inspiring Shift from Med-School to Cybersecurity
Security UnfilteredJuly 10, 2023
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Steve's Inspiring Shift from Med-School to Cybersecurity

From med-school to cybersecurity, our special guest Steve traverses a journey that's anything but typical. Coming out of an unexpected turn of events, Steve found himself immersed in the tech world, and his fascinating stories are testament to the rollercoaster ride that ensued. Uncover how, amid the early days of the tech industry, Steve and his team navigated the unique challenges of introducing new concepts to the market. His intriguing tales of venture capitalist meetings and the unexpected success of a two-hour coding tool will leave you captivated.

Our conversation wouldn't be complete without delving into Steve's tenure at Intel. Hear about Intel's unique approach to security, their diverse capabilities, and how they stand apart from other hardware vendors. Steve also shares Intel's philosophy of supporting customers without biased promotion of one vendor over another. Toward the end of our heart-to-heart, we discuss the importance of becoming a thought leader, captivating your audience, and leveraging internal thought leadership for career progression. Finally, we'll explore Steve's role in the government vertical at Intel and how he's innovatively using security to create a transformation in the tech industry. Tune in for an enriching experience as we traverse Steve's captivating journey in the tech world.


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