Microsoft Security Researcher: A Tale of one Woman's Resilience and Ambition
Security UnfilteredOctober 30, 2023
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Microsoft Security Researcher: A Tale of one Woman's Resilience and Ambition

Ever wonder how a young girl with an intense fascination for programming and computers catapults into the world of IT, becoming a crucial part of Microsoft's security research team? Let's navigate this riveting journey with Miriam, who shares her personal experiences of making her way into the IT realm via an unanticipated apprenticeship that turned her life around. From her childhood passion to her current role in the industry, we delve into her remarkable story.

Miriam's tale is one of determination and grit, with her unwavering perseverance finally landing her a position at Microsoft - an opportunity she initially turned down. Learn how a chance conversation swayed her to embrace this offer and how she finally achieved her ambition of joining Microsoft's red team. Here's a glimpse into her daily life, the challenges she tackled while relocating, and the company's evolution amidst the pandemic.

Apart from her inspiring journey, this episode brings into focus the significance of professional networking, with Miriam sharing how it can impact both the company and the customers positively. She also takes us through her experience of writing a book on PowerShell automation and scripting for cybersecurity, shedding light on the challenges she faced in the process. As a bonus, find out how you can benefit from her ongoing efforts to promote Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and grab a chance to get a 20% discount on her book! So, sit back, tune in, and get ready to be inspired.


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