Exploring the Evolution of Application Security with Moti Gindi From Apiiro
Security UnfilteredJuly 24, 2023
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Exploring the Evolution of Application Security with Moti Gindi From Apiiro

Have you ever pondered how the world of cybersecurity is transforming rapidly, with application security at the forefront? Join us as we dive deep into this intriguing realm with our esteemed guest, Moti Gindi from Apiiro, a military veteran and product management whiz with a fascinating journey from the Israeli Cyber Units to incubating a security business at Microsoft.

Beginning his tryst with technology during his 7-year military service, Moti's unique blend of computer science and linguistics armed him with an uncanny ability to filter vast amounts of data swiftly. His spell with the Israeli Defense Force and subsequent stint at Microsoft, leading the telecom mobile group and nurturing a security business from scratch, is a testament to his exceptional skill set. 

With his current focus on the challenging terrain of application security, Moti deciphers the rapid changes in the market and underlines the critical need for a holistic approach. He sheds light on the importance of investing in cloud infrastructure security, application security, and security posture management to safeguard modern applications. A thought-provoking discussion that unravels the intricacies of code writing, AI, and generative technology, this episode promises to fuel your curiosity and leave you eager for more insights into the world of cybersecurity. Are you as excited as we are? Tune in and join the conversation as we navigate through this transformative landscape.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moti-gindi-7667b/
Apiiro: https://apiiro.com/
10k Media: https://www.10kmedia.co/

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