Indu Keri's Insights on Balancing Security and Innovation
Security UnfilteredMay 28, 2024
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Indu Keri's Insights on Balancing Security and Innovation

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Experience the extraordinary journey of Indu Keri as he traverses the landscape of IT, from her upbringing in India to discovering her passion for computer science. With a choice between becoming a doctor or an engineer, Indu opted for electronics—motivated by her aversion to dissection—and eventually found herself captivated by the world of technology. In this episode, he shares compelling personal stories and underscores the immediate gratification of creating something tangible with technology, drawing parallels to hands-on professions and emphasizing the crucial role of mathematics in tech.

Ever wondered how unconventional thinking can expose hidden vulnerabilities in security systems? Join us as we recount a fascinating anecdote about a simple number-guessing game used during interviews to demonstrate the importance of thinking outside the box. Indu also opens up about her own career decisions, including the pursuit of a PhD and the unexpected transition to management consulting. We discuss evolving cultural attitudes towards higher education and the profound value of betting on oneself, highlighting the skills and insights gained through diverse academic and professional experiences.

Gain invaluable insights into the essential skills and mindset necessary for cybersecurity professionals. Indu emphasizes recognizing the limits of one’s knowledge and collaborating with experts for effective risk management. Discover the challenge of balancing comprehensive security measures with practical approaches, and the critical need for combining prevention with detection and rapid response. Finally, explore the exciting journey of enterprise workloads moving to the public cloud, the complexities of managing hybrid environments, and the pivotal role of software-defined infrastructure in modern digital transformations. This episode promises to equip you with a deeper understanding of the dynamic world of cybersecurity and IT infrastructure.

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