From Opera to IT: A Tale of Resilience and Innovation with Security Engineer, Akira Brand
Security UnfilteredJuly 31, 2023
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From Opera to IT: A Tale of Resilience and Innovation with Security Engineer, Akira Brand

Imagine journeying from the opera house to an IT profession. That's exactly what our guest, Akira, did. With an intriguing transition from a classical opera singer to a successful Security Engineer, Akira generously shares their unique story. Their tale is one of resilience, grit, and the power of embracing change, even when it comes from an unexpected stint at a literal circus. You'll be inspired by their perseverance through mental health challenges and their ultimate triumph in a field they initially averted - technology.

Prepare to delve into the complexities of the opera and cyber world, as Akira expertly navigates the challenges faced in both sectors. They give us invaluable insights into the oftentimes treacherous journey to a cybersecurity career, including the importance of soft skills like effective communication. Their advice on building solid relationships with internal stakeholders and identifying key allies at the beginning of your career is priceless. These pearls of wisdom will not only aid those in IT but can be applied to any field.

Lastly, we discuss the essential role of bridging the gap between development and security. Akira’s perspective on this will reshape your thinking on what skillsets are most critical for a successful career in application security. We tackle the reality of imposter syndrome, exploring strategies to handle this debilitating feeling that many of us confront. This episode culminates with Akira providing a deeper understanding of the problem-solving nature of cybersecurity, leaving us with an appreciation for its solution-oriented aspect. So join us for this journey of resilience and innovation, with a guest whose path from opera to IT promises an enlightening and memorable ride.


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