Turning Hurdles into Success: Ganesh's Tale of Persistence and Innovation
Security UnfilteredOctober 16, 2023
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Turning Hurdles into Success: Ganesh's Tale of Persistence and Innovation

Uncover the mysteries of IT, Scale, and Designing for Success with our special guest, Ganesh, a seasoned engineer, technologist, and entrepreneur. We take a deep dive into his venture into cybersecurity and his revelation of the potential harm that could be inflicted by those with similar knowledge. Together, we traverse the terrain of designing for scale, while sharing lessons learned along the way. 

Venture with us as we discuss the hurdles faced by startups in their quest for the elusive product-market fit. With Ganesh's insights, we illuminate the journey, highlighting the importance of finding the right customer partner and the necessity for resilience in the face of adversity. We also delve into the concept of overnight success, providing a fresh perspective on the importance of persistence, even when the road gets tough. 

As the episode evolves, we shift our focus to the challenges and perks of cloud-based applications. We share our insights on the distinct approach required for security in modern cloud-native applications, considering the scale, diversity, and rate of change organizations need to handle these security issues. Ganesh further enriches the conversation by sharing the evolution of his cloud security product and its significant improvements in usability and value in just 18 months. Join us for this enlightening conversation, as we wrap up discussing the rapidly changing nature of cloud solutions and how companies can stay updated.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ganesh-pai/
Website: https://www.uptycs.com/

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