The Future of AI and Cyber Resilience with Matthew Gorge
Security UnfilteredJanuary 08, 2024
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The Future of AI and Cyber Resilience with Matthew Gorge

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Discover the intricate dance of cybersecurity and compliance in a world where geopolitical fragmentation is the stage, and Mathieu Gorge, CEO of VG Trust, is our guide. With the finesse of a seasoned expert, Mathieu navigates through the complexities of maintaining continuous compliance amidst the shifting sands of cyber threats. We delve into a realm where the distinction between the compromised and the unscathed is paper-thin, exploring the sobering implications for companies ensnared in the webs of intellectual property wars. This is a conversation that goes beyond the surface, revealing the stark realities of operating within contentious digital territories.

Join us as we merge the worlds of business strategy and cybersecurity, showcasing how digital skirmishes often foreshadow physical battles. As we dissect the trends reshaping the security culture within organizations, Mathieu illuminates the surprising involvement of private sectors in managing critical infrastructure. We tackle the personal responsibility that comes with the surge of connected devices and the burgeoning industry of hacking as a service, emphasizing the need for continued education to safeguard our digital footprints. Here, the importance of personal vigilance becomes as clear as day.

Looking ahead, we confront the future of AI security, unearthing the challenges in workforce planning as we anticipate the evolution of skillsets and the rise of AI governance. The conversation then pivots to an examination of the robustness of our critical infrastructure in the face of cyber onslaughts, with a spotlight on Europe's pioneering Digital Operational Resiliency Act (DORA). Mathieu leaves us with a treasure trove of insights into ransomware intricacies and the criticality of proactive resilience, steering listeners toward resources that bridge the gap between cybersecurity concerns and corporate leadership.

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