Redefining Success While Juggling Parenthood and Career Shifts
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Redefining Success While Juggling Parenthood and Career Shifts

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When life threw a curveball of illness and burnout my way, I found myself questioning everything, from the future of our podcast to my PhD studies. It's a crossroads moment that I'm unpacking in this candid episode, where I share the personal challenges that have tested my resolve and the transformative changes that might be on the horizon for us. Reflecting on the importance of passion, I'm considering shaking things up with unique guest perspectives and even contemplating stepping away from academia to focus more on what fires me up. You'll get a front-row seat to my thought process on how to reignite the spark in our conversations, and I'll even tease some exciting updates coming to our website designed to enhance your listening experience.

Amidst all this introspection, we'll also explore the essence of success and what defines the paths we choose. From tales of missed chances, like my friend's turn away from his video game development dream, to my strategic moves into virtual CISO roles and engaging discussions with tech giants like Amazon, this episode is packed with inspiration. It's a reminder to seize the day, value certifications, and strategically plan for the future. Plus, I touch on life's fulfilling aspects beyond work, like the joys and responsibilities of parenting and community involvement. Join me for an honest, thought-provoking session that will leave you motivated to embrace change and proactively shape your destiny.

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