Preventing Bad AI: How SOC Teams Are Preventing AI-Generated Attacks
Security UnfilteredNovember 20, 2023
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Preventing Bad AI: How SOC Teams Are Preventing AI-Generated Attacks

Mick Leach is Field CISO of Abnormal Security, an AI-native email security company that uses behavioral AI to prevent business email compromise, vendor fraud, and other socially-engineered attacks. At Abnormal, he is responsible for threat hunting and analysis, engaging with customers, and is a featured speaker at global industry conferences and events. Previously, he led security operations organizations at Abnormal, Alliance Data, and Nationwide Insurance, and also spent more than 8 years serving in the US Army’s famed Cavalry Regiments. A passionate information security practitioner, Mick holds 7 SANS/GIAC certifications, coupled with 20+ years of experience in the IT and security industries. When not digging through logs or discussing operational metrics, Mick can typically be found on a soccer field, coaching one of his 13 kids.

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