Navigating the Evolution of Ransomware and its Impact on Data Security with Rubrik & Zscaler
Security UnfilteredAugust 14, 2023
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Navigating the Evolution of Ransomware and its Impact on Data Security with Rubrik & Zscaler

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Are your defenses keeping pace with evolving ransomware threats? Are you looking for a way to balance user productivity with granular data safety policies? We've got your back! In our latest episode, we dive into the heart of data security, discussing the persistent threat actors face even with investments in infrastructure security. We are joined by Moinul Khan from Zscaler & Anneka Gupta from Rubrik, who share valuable insights into transforming security perceptions and focuses on data protection. 

We don't stop there - we reveal the cunning evolution of ransomware attacks, where perpetrators are not only encrypting primary systems but also targeting backups and exfiltrating data. We discuss the dangerous implications of 'double extortion' ransomware attacks, providing tips on how organizations can fortify themselves with a comprehensive security approach. We also shed light on the challenges of setting up a secure environment and how partnering with a data security provider like Rubrik can be a game-changer.

In the world of cyber threats, awareness is the key. We scrutinize how organizations are adopting URL filtering and sledgehammer approaches to protect their data and discuss the need to balance user productivity with granular policies for data safety. We highlight how AI and ML can change the game by reducing complexity in deploying data protection solutions and helping in document classification and risk insight. And finally, we celebrate the powerful partnership between Zscaler and Rubrik - a collaboration that promises to revolutionize data security. Tune into our podcast for an enlightening discussion on data security. Secure your future by securing your data: let's make it happen together!

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