Navigating the Evolution of IT and Cybersecurity: From VAX Pioneers to Zero Trust Visionaries
Security UnfilteredJanuary 16, 2024
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Navigating the Evolution of IT and Cybersecurity: From VAX Pioneers to Zero Trust Visionaries

Embark on a captivating exploration of the IT and cybersecurity landscape with our distinguished guests, Andy and Hellmuth. Their unique narratives, from Hellmuth's pivot into the role of Siemens' global CIO to Andy's transition from the world of chemical physics to the fintech sector, are not just career chronicles. They serve as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between physical and digital security realms and the indispensable nature of cybersecurity in a world where connectivity is king. Their stories are a reminder that the roots of modern IT are deeply embedded in the hands-on experiences of tech's early days, and that these experiences continue to shape the future of the industry.

In a world where remote learning has become the norm post-COVID, we take a moment to reflect on the unmatched value of in-person mentorship in the tech industry. Our guests reminisce about the days of VAX and PDP systems and how guidance from pioneers like Bill Lang and Scott Davis honed their skills. They point out the potential shortcomings of the hybrid work model for professional growth, making a strong case for the irreplaceable impact of face-to-face interactions during the formative stages of a tech career. This conversation is a tribute to the artisans of the past and a call to preserve their legacy through mentorship.

To round off our discussion, Andy and Hellmuth delve into the art of advancing one's career by hiring individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and the importance of continuous learning in an industry that never stands still. They share wisdom on leadership, the strategic navigation of career risks, and the cultivation of diverse teams. Furthermore, the journey from traditional web proxies to the pioneering frontiers of Zero Trust security is unpacked, revealing not only the challenges but also the victories that come with tech innovation. Join us for this session, brimming with the rich experience, insights, and forward-thinking needed to traverse the dynamic ebb and flow of IT and cybersecurity.

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