Navigating From Pre-Sales to Identity Fraud: A Conversation with Nir Stern
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Navigating From Pre-Sales to Identity Fraud: A Conversation with Nir Stern

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Prepare yourself for an exhilarating dialogue with Nir Stern, a man who has brilliantly navigated his way from a pre-sales career to the intriguing world of identity fraud. We kick off with an exploration of Nir's career transition, shedding light on the often overlooked world of salespeople and the art of cultivating customer relationships. Nir shares his wealth of knowledge, providing wisdom on how businesses can foster a culture of trust and respect with their sales teams, both internally and externally.

How about a glimpse into the future of identity verification? Nir Stern talks us through the rising necessity of identity proofing to mitigate fraud and account takeover risks. He shares insights on the power of machine learning models, hinting at a user experience so streamlined that it could be seamless in just four to eight seconds. The conversation then shifts to the creation of highly trusted credentials that enable users to share claims without divulging personal data. Nir also dishes out intriguing details about the potential of Apple devices' wallets for secure credential storage!

As we steer the dialogue towards blockchain, Nir weights in on the risks of blockchain technology bans, and the role of governments and large organizations in crafting blockchain standards. We close out the episode by introducing you to AU10TIX and offering a sneak peek into the wealth of resources available on our website and LinkedIn page. If you're a tech enthusiast, salesperson, or just curious about identity fraud, this episode is loaded with profound insights that are sure to keep you hooked!

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