From NSA Security to Startup Founder: A Cybersecurity Journey
Security UnfilteredNovember 13, 2023
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From NSA Security to Startup Founder: A Cybersecurity Journey

Ever thought about hacking a car or a satellite? Well, that's exactly where my conversation with cybersecurity entrepreneur, Mike, takes us this episode. We bridge the gap between the humdrum aspects of IT and network security and the truly thrilling components - think along the lines of cybersecurity crossed with Fast and Furious!

Transitions are rarely smooth and moving from government roles to the private sector is no exception. Mike and I delve into the murky waters of shifting careers, bringing forth stories of intelligence projects and the necessity of meticulous documentation. We throw light on the stark contrasts between governmental and private sectors, discussing how ambition is often curtailed by organizational constraints. 

To wrap up, Mike and I turn our attention to the pressing need for training and support for budding entrepreneurs in cyber and computer science programs. Drawing upon the successes of Israel, we urge the US government to steward such initiatives. We also wander down Mike's memory lane as a startup founder, highlighting the significance of treating people right and the success that follows. If IT and security get your gears grinding, you're going to love this deep dive into the world of hacking, transitions, and entrepreneurship.



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