From Geology to Cybersecurity: Mike's Unexpected Journey
Security UnfilteredSeptember 18, 2023
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From Geology to Cybersecurity: Mike's Unexpected Journey

Ready for an unexpected journey? Meet Mike, a cyber security expert with a background as diverse as the challenges he tackles every day. Starting with an early passion for computers, through studying geology and anthropology, and finally landing in the world of IT, Mike's story is a testament to the value of curiosity and mentorship. We dig deep into his hacking escapades, the lessons learned, and how a knack for problem-solving morphed into a career securing our digital world.

Mike opens up about the human risk element in cybersecurity, drawing fascinating comparisons between convenience store hold-ups and elaborate cyber attacks. He gives us a sobering reminder - the most secure computer is one that never gets powered on. Technology and security advancements are making it tougher for hackers, but Mike warns of the ever-present risk of human vulnerability. Even the smallest of betrayals can bloom into massive security breaches. 

Wrapping up, Mike shines a light on the comprehensive cybersecurity services offered by his organization. Ranging from risk assessment, regulatory compliance, to incident response and digital forensics, they've got IT security covered from all angles. He emphasizes the significance of trust in his client relationships and unveils ambitious growth plans for the next few years. Whether a tech enthusiast or an IT professional, this conversation is packed with insights and practical advice to help you navigate your way in the ever-evolving world of IT security.

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