Exploring Evolution and Consequences in Cybersecurity Management
Security UnfilteredSeptember 11, 2023
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Exploring Evolution and Consequences in Cybersecurity Management

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Get ready to embark on an enlightening journey with our guest, Huxley, a seasoned cybersecurity professional known for his extraordinary career path. From manipulating dial-up ISPs as a teenager, to landing a serious role in the field through a thrilling discovery, Huxley's tale will bring you to the edge of your seat. We dive deep into how he overcame fear and uncertainty while dealing with the unknown, and how he relishes the thrill of unraveling complex cybersecurity puzzles.

Our conversation spans the significant consequences of ignoring account management. Listen to compelling anecdotes underscoring the importance of disabling employee accounts after their departure. We also retrace Huxley's time at Cisco, discussing how the tech giant transformed into a security services provider. We also delve into the real-life repercussions of lax security practices, illustrating how even large corporations can suffer monumental losses.

As the conversation unfolds, we chart the evolution of cyber asset management. We further explore how Cisco expanded its security product portfolio and how Rumble Network Discovery transformed into RunZero. We highlight the necessity of securing all devices in an increasingly interconnected world, from office networks to personal devices and IoT. As a cherry on top, we'll delve into how RunZero assures complete network coverage, reducing the risks and reinforcing the importance of protecting an organization's attack surface. Tune in for a gripping and enlightening conversation about cybersecurity and asset management.

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