Ethical Tech and Inclusivity in the Age of AI With Jackie McGuire From Cribl
Security UnfilteredMarch 11, 2024
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Ethical Tech and Inclusivity in the Age of AI With Jackie McGuire From Cribl

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From the sun-kissed landscapes of Arizona to the digital defenses of cybersecurity, Jackie's career leap is nothing short of remarkable. Her story, rich with the twists of fate that took her from the financial sector to the front lines of IT security, paints a vivid picture of how diverse backgrounds can fortify the cybersecurity industry. Tune in and get inspired by Jackie's journey, from learning the ropes of Python to tackling cyber threats with a finance-savvy perspective.

Ever wondered how cybersecurity experts think outside the box? Our chat with Jackie dives into the welcoming arms of the security community, where at places like DEF CON, unconventional thinking is the secret weapon against cyber adversaries. Discover how varied professional experiences, like Jackie's in finance, are not just useful but essential in crafting ingenious security strategies. Plus, get a glimpse into the personal growth that comes with this territory, as we explore how hobbies like podcasting and improv comedy can sharpen your professional edge.

But it's not all about the code and firewalls; we also grapple with the hefty topics of diversity and ethics in tech development. As AI and hardware evolve, the conversation turns to the crucial role of inclusivity and accountability in crafting tools that serve everyone. Before we wrap up, we give a shout-out to Cribl and tease their innovative approach to data utilization. For an episode that's as enlightening as it is entertaining, don't miss our deep dive into the interplay between cybersecurity, personal evolution, and ethical technology.

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