Charting the Digital Frontier with a Father's Insight
Security UnfilteredFebruary 26, 2024
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Charting the Digital Frontier with a Father's Insight

The fabric of family bonds intertwines with the digital threads of our era, as JB Benjamin the CEO of Kryotech, a man who's navigated the British family legal system to secure custody of his son, joins us to share his gripping tale. With a narrative that explores the influence of fatherhood and the societal shifts shaped by technology, JB Benjamin's insights turn from the heartwarming to the hilarious, as we unpack the oddities of online content moderation. His background in IT and security, rooted in the politically charged atmosphere of Birmingham during his youth. 
 Journeying through the various landscapes of JB Benjamin's past, we touch upon the ethical crossroads where technology and personal integrity meet. From his early programming days to the dark corridors of data exploitation, his experiences in sales, debt collection, and even a dash of filmmaking, JB Benjamin's pathway to higher education and pioneering efforts in adaptive AI resonate with the critical thinking needed in our digital age. As tech CEOs loom large over discussions of privacy and identity, JB Benjamin's candid reflections on these topics serve as a beacon for those navigating this brave new world.
 As we peer into the future, our conversation traverses the vast frontiers of government surveillance, data storage trends, and the revolutionary advances in space technology and quantum cryptography. We confront the pressing need for online data preservation and the archival challenges in the digital epoch. This episode is nothing short of a treasure map, guiding you through the intersection of technology, security, and human experience, with JB Benjamin as our experienced navigator.

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