AI, Data Security, and the Power of Networking: Lessons from an IT Recruiter
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AI, Data Security, and the Power of Networking: Lessons from an IT Recruiter

Ever wondered how an experienced IT recruiter could help you land your dream job, or navigate the fast-paced world of AI and data security? Join us as our special guest, John, a seasoned IT recruiter with 10 years of experience, shares his unique perspective on the industry, the importance of finding great people for great jobs, and how the best recruiters genuinely have their candidates' best interests at heart.

From transitioning to technical roles and having trusted connections to help you get your foot in the door, we explore the various roles available across different organizations and how working with recruiters can connect you with opportunities you wouldn't have found alone. As you move up the ranks in your career, learn how recruiters can help you make that leap from mid-level positions to executive search.

Finally, we tackle the increasingly important topics of data security, automation, and AI, discussing the growing demand for infrastructure automation, security automation, and data privacy and governance. John sheds light on the emerging and lucrative field of AI security, highlighting the potential risks posed by AI and the need for caution in developing this technology. Don't miss this valuable episode packed with industry insights and networking advice from an IT recruiter who has been there and done that!

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