Addressing the Risks of AI with Innovative Solutions Encrypting Communication
Security UnfilteredMay 13, 2024
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Addressing the Risks of AI with Innovative Solutions Encrypting Communication

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Ari Andersen shares his journey from starting a podcast to founding a security startup. He discusses the importance of trust in the digital world and the need for a security layer based on trust. Ari explains how his company leverages trusted relationships to share information securely and prevent attacks like deep fakes and spoofed emails. The solution is built around the concept of pods, which are groups of trusted individuals. Ari highlights the growing risks introduced by AI and the need for innovative solutions to protect against them. Kibu is a secure communication platform that focuses on building trust and consensus among users. The app uses a unique invitation and voting system to ensure that only trusted individuals are part of a user's network. Kibu offers two ways to create a pod (a group of trusted individuals): through a digital invitation process or by physically meeting and using NFC or QR code technology. Once inside a pod, all communication and files are encrypted at the pod level, ensuring privacy and security. Kibu also uses cryptographic attestation to verify the authenticity and integrity of files within a pod. The goal of Kibu is to bring trusted relationships from the real world into the digital world and provide a secure environment for critical actions and decision-making.

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