Addressing Betrayal and Building Trust in the Workplace
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Addressing Betrayal and Building Trust in the Workplace

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Have you ever felt the sting of betrayal at work? Picture this - you're mentoring a colleague, only to have them use personal information against you for climbing the corporate ladder. This unfortunate reality impacts many of us, eroding trust and team morale. In our latest episode, we unpack the implications of such toxic work environments and share a personal story where a lack of trust led to a dramatic fallout. 

But there's a way out! In the second half of our chat, we reveal a potent self-defense tool - tracking your work and documenting professional conversations. A simple practice that can shield you from false accusations and foster a trustful workplace. We wrap up the episode with insights on cultivating a culture of trust within a team, underscoring proactive measures to prevent such unhealthy dynamics. Listen in, and let's build a healthier, trust-filled workspace together.

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