A Deep Dive into IAM and Cloud Security
Security UnfilteredDecember 04, 2023
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A Deep Dive into IAM and Cloud Security

Are you prepared to redefine your approach to securing the public cloud? Join us for an enlightening discussion with Jeff, an InfoSec veteran, where we unravel the intricacies of securing public cloud-native platforms. As we step into Jeff's career of over two decades, we explore the world of cloud security and emphasize the role of cloud providers and the necessity for a shift in our security approach. 

We have a powerhouse guest from Sonrai, who gives us a detailed inside look at the complexities of identity and access management (IAM) in the cloud. We tackle topics like the risk of maintaining multiple admin level accounts, the urgent need for visibility and clean-up, and how companies like Sonrai assist in addressing these challenges by identifying and eliminating unused identities. As we journey through this episode, we also touch upon the concept of least privilege and proactive measures to protect against potential cyber threats. 

We're not all business and no personal growth. In this episode, we also share our experiences with overcoming imposter syndrome, the value of certifications in the job market, and the crucial role of headhunters in the info sec industry. Finally, we take a glimpse into the future of IAM in the cloud and its role in a cloud-native world. This episode is a must-listen if you're interested in rethinking your cloud security strategies and gearing up for a successful career in the ever-evolving world of technology. Strap in for an information-packed episode that promises to leave you with fresh insights and effective strategies.

Sonrai Security
Sonrai prides themselves on being able to reveal every over-privileged identity and all paths

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