Security Unfiltered Podcast

I mentioned in my last blog post that I would be making a big announcement for myself that is a milestone in where I intend to take this small blog and turning it into a great resource for all people in IT. I recently started the Security Unfiltered Podcast. In this podcast we intend to give our listeners and unfiltered view and perspective of security today and where the industry should be moving as a whole. I bring over 8 years of experience in cyber security to the table and we hope that it will be of use to someone that is looking to get into IT or Cyber Security. I created this podcast because when we were attempting to get into Cyber Security there was no help for someone trying to make the transition. I had to figure it out on our own and it was a long grind that didn’t have to be so long. It was far more difficult than it had to be for us and it was mostly because no one was willing to give us a chance. In this podcast we provide that chance to the people that want it and need it. I will give you real feedback and perspectives with real situations that we experienced first-hand. I are going to be honest with our listeners at all times while we provide advice to situations that we have lived through. My podcast will be a bi-weekly podcast right now for us to get into the flow of podcasting and posting the content. My podcast will be able to be found on every major platform in the coming weeks, it is already posted on several we are just waiting on the remaining few to approve our podcast.  Thanks for reading everyone, I hope everyone has a great week!