CSP Course Overview

I stated last year that I was working on a cloud security course that would help people get a better understanding of where the big 3 cloud providers excel and fall short in their native security offerings. I am happy to finally announce that this course has been completed and has been published on the InfoSec Skills platform. The InfoSec Skills platform is designed to have high quality content while getting its users hands-on experience with the content in the course. For myself I set out every day to help as many people as possible get into cyber security and be successful in this field. My vison and mission aligned with the InfoSec Institute and so I decided to create a course that is hands-on that goes in-depth to provide the best content possible for my viewers.

My course focuses on AWS, Azure and GCP and focuses on their native security services that they offer at the present time. I review these services and compare them against each other in the course and discuss what kind of companies would best take advantage of each of these services. For each of these cloud providers I reviewed services across the following domains: Data Encryption, DLP, Cloud Storage, IAM, Infrastructure Security, Network Security, Application Security and Disaster Recovery. In many of these domains we go hands-on in the respective cloud console to get a bit of hands-on experience with common best practices that an engineer should follow. My course isn’t meant to be an extreme deep dive into every native security service but more of an overview of each native security service. My course is a great starting place that will not only tell you where to look and why, but it will also give you the hands-on experience that you can easily build upon.

If you are interested in reviewing the native security controls and getting hands-on experience with these services, then this course will be great for you. My course also includes a course project for each cloud provider where we dive into a few of these best practices. By the end of this course, you will have a great understanding of which security controls each cloud provider does well and where they fall short. You will also understand which of these services may fit your organization better than its competitors and the risks associated with each cloud provider and service. If you are interested in exploring this course more, I have a discount code that gives you 50% off which can be used on an annual subscription which turns the $300 fee for the entire year into $150 for the year. You will also have access to every course not just mine for the year. The discount code is below with the link to the course.


Code: south50

Link to course: https://www.infosecinstitute.com/authors/joseph-south/

Infosec Institute Blog Post: https://resources.infosecinstitute.com/topic/joseph-south-cloud-security/


Thank you for reading, you guys are great, and this blog is getting far more attention than I ever expected.