AWS Security Specialist Course

Previously I posted that I earned the AWS Security Specialist certification. Today I am posting that I have completed my AWS Security Specialist course for the InfoSec Institute. This course was designed as a crash course for the certification. This course is not meant to be a standalone resource for passing the exam, but it should be used as a main reference source of information for the exam. What do I mean by this? You can and should go through my course where I point out specific parts of each domain that you must know for the exam and I provide technical background of how it operates. I then dive into how the questions for that domain are formatted and what type of questions I encountered when I took the test. At this point once you complete the course you will be given a practice test that is remarkably like what you will experience on the real exam and you will be given a list of other documents, videos, blogs, and whitepapers to help you prepare for your exam.

There are similar courses out there that go extremely deep with each of these domains that get you hands on experience with every single part of the exam. I took one of these courses to prepare for my own exam which I go over in a previous blog post but after passing the exam I felt such a comprehensive course was not required. I felt most of the information I went over in the course did not directly pertain to the exam rather than providing a large amount of groundwork and foundational knowledge. I teach this course from the perspective of a professional having experience in AWS that likely already have the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. It is highly recommended that you have this certification before attempting the AWS Security Specialist exam.

I also felt that publishing this course would make the most sense on InfoSec Institute, for a very reasonable price their users can gain access to not only my course but many other high-quality courses that you can use to enhance your career. If you are looking to study for your AWS Security Specialist certification then please check out my course at the link below and use my promo code to get 50% off your order. It is highly recommended that you use this 50% off code on the yearly subscription so you get the entire year for 50% off rather than only your first month.  


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